Big Mudder Extreme™ Universal Splashguards

How big is that truck? Big Mudder Extreme™ and Great Big Mudder Extreme™ splashguards can handle the toughest street or off-road duty. Molded in diamond-plate appearance, both Mudder splashguards provide protection and coverage for oversized wheels and tires. OE-approved material means no cracking or breaking down to -40F. Optional stainless steel accents complement truck appearance. The Big Mudder Extreme™ line is for you if you want an Original Equipment look with extra long, full protection coverage. If you are fitting a fleet, work, off-road, farm or raised truck and need a mud guard that will protect and last you need the Big Mudder Extreme™.

  • Original Big Mudder Extreme™ available in two sizes: 17.5" X 10" and
    20" X 12" - fits virtually all full size pick-ups and vans
  • Great Big Mudder Extreme™ is shaped for dual wheels and is
    20" X 22.5" - fits the read of all Ford, GM and Dodge Dually pick-up trucks
  • New 3105 part with stainless steel accents are uniquely sized at
    11" wide x 19" tall
  • Molded from a heavy-duty, unbreakable, flexible material that lasts for years
  • Supplied with instructions and mounting hardware
  • Stainless steel accent packages available, complete with installation hardware

  Add a Stainless Steel Accent to Your Big Mudder  

  Add a Chrome Emblem to your Big Mudder  


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