Premier Splashguards

The Premier Splashguard from RoadSport™ is a universal fit product that comes in 3 sizes. The A-B-C sizing is designed to eliminate the need for custom fit applications and to allow you to simply select a size that best suits your style and choice of coverage. The product is sold in pairs and comes with installation hardware and instructions. Once you make your size selection, you can then choose either plain black or from a variety of decorative designs.

The A-Series Premier Splashguards fit nicely on compact cars and smaller mini-vans. The B-Series Premier Splashguards generally fit well on larger cars, mid-sized vans, SUVs, Crossovers and smaller pick-up trucks. The C-Series Premier Splashguards fit well on all full size pick-up trucks, vans and SUVs.

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  A Series - Small
12-3/4" Ht x 7-3/8" Wdth
B Series - Medium
15-3/4" Ht x 8-7/8" Wdth
C Series - Large
18" Ht x 10-3/8" Wdth
Description Order Part # Order Part # Order Part #
Plain Black 4406 4754 4322
Black with Red Prismatic 4649 4766 4326
Black with Trucker Girl 4644 N/A N/A
Black with Heartbeat 4647 4771 N/A
Black with White Accent 4650 N/A N/A
Black with Buick 4400 4761 N/A
Black with Chevrolet 4401 4751 4319
Black with GMC N/A 4753 4318
Black with Pontiac 4409 4763 N/A
Black with Oldsmobile 4405 4762 N/A
Black with 4X4 N/A 4758 4320
Plain White 4407 N/A N/A


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